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Sinking Baby Tea Maker

for all those who secretly crave revenge on wailing babies - have a lovely cup of calming tea
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Sinking Baby Tea Maker comes in two parts.

The first part is a little metal baby figure on an umbilical cord string. The second part is the nappy shaped tea bag range which one fits unto the baby figure before tossing him into a cup of boiling water and swirling him around to create the calming infusion.

xenzag, Jun 12 2012

The Stern Parent http://ruthlessrhym...harry_graham/page/6
Harry Graham's finest offering [xenzag, Jun 12 2012]

Drowning Nut http://www.eatpes.com/drowningnut.html
Curtesy of Mr PES, whom I totally lurve! [xenzag, Jun 13 2012]


       Recommend baby is hollow so that it bobs in the water initially, but sinks, emitting last breath bubbles, to the satisfaction of the babyhater.
calum, Jun 13 2012

       Good idea - see PES animation for a pea-nut drowning in pea-nut butter. Be warned - watch one, and you'll end up watching them all. Also be further warned. The little episode in the link has a very sad ending.
xenzag, Jun 13 2012


       Have a bun to go with your Nice Cup Of Tea. [+]
8th of 7, Jun 13 2012


       Maw, fire up the cookstove! Ol' [xenxag] done caught him anuther Borg!
Alterother, Jun 13 2012


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