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Sizzle... and POP!

Self-flipping pan.
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In case you missed the summary, this idea is for a pan (tightly lidded pan) that flips itself after a set time. In operation, it works like those flipping frog toys, that POP up into the air, flip over quick as the eye can see, then come right back down in the same spot. Only difference is that this one only flips halfway... then POPs back over onto the other side the next time it needs to be turned. The pan is symmetrical, that is, both sides are identical. Either can be used as a bottom, and either can be removed as the lid for stirring, seasoning and saucing between turns.

Note: this may require special burners with spring shock absorbers to handle the impact of landing. I'm not sure about that bit, though.

21 Quest, Dec 13 2009

2-sided Frying Pan http://www.ginnys.c....jsp?productId=9972
It doesn't flip itself, but...how hard is flipping [Klaatu, Dec 13 2009]

Another variation http://www.plowhear...e=bandept&pcode=881
Disclaimer: I worked for this company and wrote all of their training manuals. I no longer have an association and am not endorsing their products (though I own much of the merchandise that they sell). [Klaatu, Dec 13 2009]

not quite the same http://www.halfbake...ied_20egg_20flipper
[po, Dec 14 2009]


       Klaatu, it's not (just) about the ease of flipping. Well, for me it is (I always mess things up while flipping), but that's really not the point. It's about novelty value. It can be a real time saver, too, if you don't need to season between turns. Set it on a timer to flip however often you need it flipped, set an alarm to buzz when it's done, and you can Halfbake the whole time, without interruption!
21 Quest, Dec 14 2009

       ... I just don't know how to respond to that...
21 Quest, Dec 14 2009

       Wouldn't the opposite side of the pan be much colder than the side you were cooking with on the initial flip? Shirley that would create some problems from a cooking point of view?
kaz, Dec 14 2009

       Kaz, that depends on the material used. Generally, lids are designed to retain less heat. This is because they're not intended for direct contact with the food. With the right materials and design, it shouldn't be very difficult to design a pan/lid combination that efficiently transfer heat from one to the other.
21 Quest, Dec 14 2009

       I just turn my George Foreman upside down.
4whom, Dec 14 2009

       there's no answer to that.
po, Dec 14 2009

       Hi Kaatu..that's my answer.
blissmiss, Dec 14 2009

       Does George Forman do backflips?
21 Quest, Dec 14 2009


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