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Supercooled juices for greater refreshment?
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While some juices and beverages may lose some of their distinct flavor when chilled excessively, I find that I'd enjoy some other beverages- White grape, specifically, more if they could only be SUPERcooled. I've tried sticking a glass in the freezer prior to consumption, but rather obviously that only creates ice crystals. I've experimented lightly with adding pure grain alcohol to lower the freezing point without altering the flavor too much, however, the "feeling" of the alcohol in the mouth was displeasing when trying to enjoy SuperCoolGrape. Can anyone think of an alternative anti-freeze (preferably not Anti-Freeze, of course, for obvious reasons)?
adamk11, Jul 14 2002

Read this. http://www.telemet.com/snow_snomax.htm
Website says that PURE water can be supercooled below zero... in somewhat lay terms. [polartomato, Jul 14 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

For angel http://www.halfbake.../idea/soy_20coolant
soy coolant [thumbwax, Jul 15 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Ugh. Worse than antifreeze.
DrCurry, Jul 14 2002

       Chicken-flavored supercooled soup, anyone?   

       Maybe a small amount of brine could be added to a fruity one, but covered up with sugar/flavoring?
polartomato, Jul 14 2002

       Soy Coolant
thumbwax, Jul 14 2002

       //Soy Coolant.//
Is that like soylant cool?
angel, Jul 15 2002

       One thought occurs to me: more than "brain freeze", if these drinks *are* supercooled, you stand a strong chance of giving your throat frostbite. You might possibly want to rethink your idea.
DrCurry, Jul 15 2002

       Are they "winos" if they drink substances, like vodka, other than wine? Wouldn't they then be called "vodkaholics?"   

       Run the grape juice through a very fine filter before freezing. Ice crystals form around particles suspended in the water.   

       Or use ice cubes made of grape juice?
whlanteigne, Oct 20 2002

       //Are they "winos" if they drink substances, like vodka, other than wine?//   

       How about "spud-os"?
krelnik, Oct 20 2002

       Almost baked. I can't wait for a chilly soda like "Pepsi Freeze" or super-cooled water. http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99991677
VeXaR, Aug 02 2003


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