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Thermal Perfection Indicator

Everyone hates a too warm / too cold drink so let the drink tell you when it is just right...
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Everyone has had a drink that was the wrong temperature... The thought of that drink hitting your mouth a just the right thermal instant and then... ffwwaaaa... It's all wrong... either too warm or way the heck too cold or even worse not cold enough...

The solution, your very own Thermal Perfection Indicator... This device would have personal settings for the drinks that you consume and a simple set of indicators... It could easily stick on to the side of the beverage and through its fablous technology determine the exact temperature that you prefer of the particular beverage you are consuming (possibly even a bluetooh interface for preference downloads)...

Should the beverage have a sub-optimal thermal state, flashing lights, sirens, a holographic projection above the can or mug of a skull and cross bones... Or, should the thermal preference be just flat out wrong a small electrical charge would not allow you to even touch the can or mug to experience the horror of the wrong temperature on your pallet...

But, have no fear, with a simple upgrade you could have the Thermal Perfection Indicator carefully warm or cool the beverage to your exact thermal preference...

forgeman, Aug 18 2004

Like this? http://www.schmalba...82_502_ENG_PHP.html
The idea is so good that someone beat you to it. Sorry about that. [Ling, Oct 04 2004]


       That's effectively a thermometre with a line on it.
harderthanjesus, Aug 18 2004

       What about adding a non-toxic and tasteless thermochromic dye to your drink that turns <insert tasteful colour here> when it's at the right temperature? Finding a chemical with these properties might be a bit of a chore, but this is the halfbakery right?
zen_tom, Aug 18 2004

       See link. It looks like a label that says "Drink me now", "Too cold" or "Too hot" is possible.
I did a search on "Thermochromic indicator"
Ling, Aug 18 2004

       The primary idea is that it is "re-useable" along with available fo r you morning coffee cup... Thus the need for bluetooth memory and personal prefs...
forgeman, Aug 18 2004


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