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Savory flavored dishwashing soap

For our transatlantic cousins.
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BUNGCO researchers have reported to us that in england, after washing dishes in a tub of suds, dishes are not then rinsed but rather simply dried and placed on the shelf for use. Arguably this offers improved dish hygiene, as the retained soap will go on fighting germs. However, it seemed to us that this would leave soap residue which would then flavor the food. English cooking is improving every year, and it may be that the tase of retained soap could taint what might otherwise be a delectable meal.

BUNGCO does not want to alter cultural practices, but rather supplement and improve them. In that spirit, we offer Savory Soap - dishwashing soap that instead of flowery perfumy smells appropriate for laundry, is prepared with savory aromas and flavors - strawberry, dill, mince, etc. An array of bottles is sold in a 6 pack and chosen to complement the meal next to be eaten off of the washed dishes. Who knows - perhaps the practice of rinseless washing will sweep the world on a wave of newly delicious food - and clean dishes!

bungston, Nov 16 2007

Fairy Liquid; http://en.wikipedia...iry_%28detergent%29
the market is monopolised and cannot be broken [vincevincevince, Nov 17 2007]

Fairy Liquid http://www.uk.pg.co...ts/fairyLiquid.html
[hippo, Nov 20 2007]


       Sp: England; savoury; flavoured; washing- up liquid.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 16 2007

       strawberry is savory?
jutta, Nov 17 2007

       //English cooking is improving every year// I Don't believe you   

       //strawberry is savory// Absolutly! (opinion)
evilpenguin, Nov 17 2007

       My dish-soap is a cyanidey almond flavor.
GutPunchLullabies, Nov 17 2007

       Sp: dishwashing soap -> fairy liquid   

       I regret to inform BUNGCO that in England it is only acceptable to purchase Fairy Mild Green Washing-up Liquid. The use of other products by an Englishman is viewed in a similar light to an American flying a foreign flag on his front porch.
vincevincevince, Nov 17 2007

       //dishes are not then rinsed// - mine are. Also Fairy Liquid is available in some savoury-ish varieties: "Fairy Naturals with Antibacterial Action is available in Classic with Eucalyptus extracts, Lime and Lemongrass extracts, Pink Grapefruit and Garden Mint extracts." (see link)
hippo, Nov 20 2007

       that bit about onion gravy scented soap got the old droolers going. [Rime], a little more along those lines, please.
bungston, Nov 20 2007

       A true Englishman eats his food off a trencher, which requires no washing up at all, unless you count "thowing things at peasants" as "doing the washing up".   

       This is of course how the English invented pizza.
zen_tom, Nov 21 2007

       Someone should start selling Trenchers - "New Hovis Trenchers! - now even more impermeable to gravy!" - I think they'd be popular.
hippo, Nov 21 2007

       I read somewhere that the French invented pizza.
4whom, Nov 21 2007

       Fairy liquid looks suspiciously like any other P&G product...
RayfordSteele, Nov 21 2007


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