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Scented Sunglasses

Sunglasses that smell great.
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Sunglasses that smell like coconuts for the beach. Musk for the macho man or woman. Petchulie for the hippies. Pot for the heads. And beef for the hungry.
jimmyjames, Nov 29 2000


       By slobs, you don't also include the hippies and hungry, do you? I like hippies. I like the hungry too, although the hungry -occasionally- are hard to get along with due to behaviors usually secondary to constraints posed by the inevitability of economics. If I were hungry, I'd want sunglasses that taste like something vegetable and edible, not inedible (thanks for not specifying inedible in your description) glasses that smell like any kind of food. Isn't the hunger enough punishment for being someone with hippie opinions who is stuck in a universe where the existence of economics seems to be a law of nature?
LoriZ, Jun 23 2001


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