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Self Defense Sun Glasses

100% UV and Street Protection
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A sexy pair of sun glasses with hollowed out frames. The ends of both sides are attached to tubes which act much like a safety string. But doing much more than merely preventing the glasses from falling to the ground, these tubes are connected to a C02 canister, the likes of which are used in BB guns, which can be hidden by the back of the shirt and even attached to the pants if the slight weight is an annoyance.

On the sides of the frames are detachable canisters which are preloaded with pepper-spray pellets. The electronic firing mechanism is triggered when the nose pads are compressed by a clenching of the nose and eyebrows for four seconds. Ten pepper spray pellets are then fired from both sides of the glasses exploding on impact in a liquid/gas mixture on the attacker’s evil face, blinding him/her.

Mr Buttersworth, Jan 13 2007




       what a really funny category?
po, Jan 13 2007

       Oops, changed it Po.
Mr Buttersworth, Jan 13 2007

       Ian: I'm not sure if this would be illegal.
Mr Buttersworth, Jan 13 2007

       You want something that fires pepper spray pellets ... mounted next to your own eyes, nose and mouth??
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 14 2007

       I second that question. Have you ever had any exposure to this or like substances? You'll change your mind.   

       What was the initial category?
normzone, Jan 14 2007

       It was initially under (gun).   

       In pellet form I don't think that the user would be disturbed.
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 04 2007

       Your faith in projectile technology does not tempt me to buy one. I've seen my share of malfunctions.   

       [IanTindale], in many states in the US civilians may possess and use for defense pepper spray, without a permit required.
normzone, Feb 05 2007

       // a clenching of the nose and eyebrows for four seconds//

What? Like when you sneeze you mean?
DrBob, Feb 06 2007

       Be sure to take 'em off if you happen to find yourself constipated on the turlit; you might blow a hole in the tub...
Macdaddyx1, Feb 14 2008

       Is there a practical joke version filled with laughing gas? and a combat one filled with cheese?
xxobot, Feb 17 2008

       So, you wrinkle your nose because you smell something a bit "off," and as a result the perfectly innocent person in front of you is pelted with pepper pellets???
whlanteigne, Jan 12 2013

       warning beeps can remind you to stop wrinkling your nose. After firing, the glasses can suck tight to your eyes and plug your nose for you.
Brian the Painter, Jan 12 2013

       Well, given the amount of processing power available in small packages today that's now possible, but I think I'll stick with my handheld pepper spray, thanks.
normzone, Jan 13 2013


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