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QuickPolarizing Sun Glasses

Manually adjust darkness on sunglasses.
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I believe the clear plastic panels used over the LCD displays on older (maybe even modern) calculators, are polarized. If two round discs of this same plasic (1 atop the other) were used in a pair of sunglasses, one could utilize a quick way to darken/lighten his/her sun glasses. The lenses would have to be round, which seems to be ok in these times anyway.
StrikeBishop, Jan 16 2003


       manually adjust? I visualise a little wheel on each side like a watch winder.
po, Jan 16 2003

       My girlfiend has self-adjusting polarization on her glasses. They're normal glasses, but when she steps out into bright sunlight they become dark sunglasses with a few seconds.   

       I'm not sure if the type of plastic panel you're proposing has the proper optical properties for eyeware.
snarfyguy, Jan 16 2003

       The same technology is used in polarized lenses for cameras. I have a couple. The theory is based on the idea that light waves travel in mainly vertical waves. The second disc would simply be rotated. This would change the "grid" from vertical lines to crossed lines. Try it with two calculator panels.
StrikeBishop, Jan 16 2003

       Anything that stops glare of the sun I am for.
travbm, Nov 02 2015

       Sulfur tinted glasses could help with night driving by making things appear brighter and using lens polarization to stop glare from headlights.
travbm, Nov 03 2015

       [snarfyguy], if you mean Transitions, that's nothing to do with polarization. They're just photochromic. In fact, Transitions lenses can't be polarized at all, unlike non- Transitions lenses.
notexactly, Nov 14 2015


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