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roach instruments

give roaches something to do during the work day
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Whan the waiter reads the specials for the day, let the roaches help with some singing and dancing. Like, "Today we have a lovely salmon tortilla flambeed with tequila, and garnished with blah, blah, blah,...."( now envision a roach mariachi band on the sideboard). If you can't beat them, you'll just have to put them to work. Should be used with the Tiny Roach Entertainer Outfits, as well as the Soupbowl Monocle Retriever (coming to a Halfbakery near you soon) . Entry #3.
flerper, Apr 12 2003


       Waiter, there's a roach mariachi band in my soup.
FarmerJohn, Apr 12 2003

       Bleah. Somebody call the Health Department. Fishbone for anything involving roaches and food.
snarfyguy, Apr 12 2003

       Apparently, someone is following me around with her own flame thrower, (when she's not watching movies, that is!)...heh, heh, heh....
flerper, Apr 17 2003

       Great. Now the roaches will be keeping us up all night, alongside the cicadas.
DrCurry, Apr 17 2003

       If I see a roach I'm definately in the wrong part of us and canada
abadon, Nov 10 2007

       Does this work by GM, nanotech, or artificial intelligence?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 10 2007


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