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School of Seuss

I am still taking a class to learn java......
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And the instructor is going over truth tables again. He was doing an extremely complicated one and talking like this:

"True and true is true, and true and false is false. True or false is true, and false and false if false. Not true or false is false, and true or true is true".

With the way he was talking, he sounded exactly like a Dr. Seuss book.

Special teachers could be found for a special school, in which all of the lectures are done in a Seussian manner, with much repetition of key words and rhyming.

It would make lectures less boring.

DesertFox, Apr 14 2005

Oh for an MP3 http://physics.abou...flandersandswan.htm
[coprocephalous, Apr 14 2005]


       NOT (True AND False) is True
NOT ((NOT True) AND False) is too
Boole and Karnaugh will be friends to you.

       Okay, it's not all that Seussian or poetic, but it is logical and true. Maybe UnaBubba will parody "The Logical Song".
half, Apr 14 2005

       My son the doctor, I then said
My son the doctor, bless his head
But then I learned, with certain dread
It's Seussian, his doctorate
theircompetitor, Apr 14 2005

       I never "got" Seuss - I just found it intensely irritating - is it solely an American "thing"?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 14 2005

       I am a tilde, ~
My operation is unary,
All the bits that were filled,
Become quite illusionary.
zen_tom, Apr 14 2005

       Other diciplines have more syllabic words in their cirriculum. I can't quite figure seuss teaching thermodynamics, or differential equations, for example.   

       But, I learned about boolean logic today, and you promote alternative teaching methods, which tend to kick ass, and for that I bun thee.   

       Anything to keep the powerpoint presentations off...
daseva, Apr 14 2005

       [Rom], I refer you to Flanders and Swann 'Thermodynamics Song.' If they can do it, so can Dr Seuss.   

       If anyone can get hold of a copy of it, that is...
moomintroll, Apr 14 2005

       What about when Tweetle Beatles battle with their paddles in a puddle and the puddles in a bottle on a noodle eating poodle?
Enquiring minds need to know!
gnomethang, Apr 14 2005


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