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Popularity Yearbook

For those switching schools...
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These would come as yearbooks custom printed with the receiver's name and the name, colors, and emblem of the school that the student is transferring from. Inside, the book is filled with pictures of models with comments written all over the pages ("I'll miss you - Jessica," etc.)

All one would have to do is casually show this to a few people at their new school, and they are assumed to be popular and thus treated as such.

rgovostes, Jun 14 2004


       Someone I mentioned this to thinks there is a movie based off the same idea, but I could not find it on IMDb... If anyone has heard of it, please find the movie and link to it.
rgovostes, Jun 14 2004

       Popularity is a social disease in public schools. Just shut up and get back to "learning" I say.
Letsbuildafort, Jun 14 2004

       Possibly the movie is "The New Guy". It doesn't actually involve the yearbook thing, but it does involve someone moving to a new school and pretending they were really popular at their last school in order to win friends and influence people. Needless to say it all goes wrong and valuable lessons are learned about the value of true friendship and the importance of being who you are.
spacemoggy, Jun 14 2004

       I disagree fort. Popularity doesn't magically go away when you reach adulthood, it just matures into the subconscious social backdrop; kids need to learn how to deal with it as part of their social education.
RayfordSteele, Jun 16 2004

       //Popularity is a social disease//   

       Popularity is an interesting problem to be solved. Those who can solve it *and* do proper learning can go on to make a real difference to the world, instead of hanging around here with us, fantasising about doing so.   

       My only beef with this idea is that it's one of those instances where 'social engineering' is a euphemism for lying and cheating (I know the idea doesn't say 'social engineering', but it has the unmistakeable whiff of it).   

       I believe that the way forward in the field of Social Interaction for Nerds lies in abstractions which provide logical insights into phenomena such as popularity, without pretending to offer mechanisms for controlling other people.
pertinax, Aug 18 2006

       //Popularity is an interesting problem to be solved.//
I see a bunch of Mensa types working on it.
//abstractions which provide logical insights into phenomena such as popularity//
And I see them working on it for a very long time.
ldischler, Aug 18 2006


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