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University for the study of puny subjects
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Now everyone can get a degree of some kind or another with the launching of the world's first Puny-versity.

Not good at maths ? no problem - take up hamster grooming. Had trouble retaining facts ? - it's a degree in seaweed rinsing for you.

Not only does the new Puni (as it is to be known] offer an almost limitless selection of courses, but you can combine them in any way you want. For example: finding the un-knitting module just too basic ? - why not link it in with a semester of lumpy wall numbering?

Puni is fun too. You can do your assignments with stubby yellow crayons on your shirt tail, or scrape them into the sand on a beach, or form the words by knotting together the hairs on the back of your hand.

There are no shortage of jobs either for emerging graduates, as Punis are being set up everywhere, and will need Professors of every subject imaginable.

xenzag, Dec 30 2006

Movie Version http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0384793/
[Ronx, Dec 30 2006]

Bakery version Half_20Bachelors_20degree
[normzone, Dec 31 2006]


       Id like to apply for the position of "professor of nose picking and picking product storage engineering". I can assure you that I have extensive experience in all aspects of picking and storage including mobile, long term, short term and covert techniques.
jhomrighaus, Dec 30 2006

       you can join up the stars to make the words for your thesis
xenzag, Dec 30 2006

       Aren't you just describing the average community college?
DrCurry, Dec 31 2006

       Not Pun-iversity?
phundug, Dec 31 2006

       //Not Pun-iversity// and those male teachers who would deliver knowledge there would be known as pun-gents? It had to be said - I know your secret wishes [phundug] :-)
xenzag, Dec 31 2006

       I would like to study in the fields. (meadows, corn, wheat, and grass)
xandram, Dec 31 2006

       I could be a Pundit, if I could afford the intuition.   

       Origin of the punyverse?
JesusHChrist, Jan 01 2007

       I thought punyversities were widely known to exist, at least in the UK?
david_scothern, Jan 02 2007


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