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Schrödingers pet shop

Well, they're... eh... probably pining for the fjords.
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Welcome in Schrödingers pet shop. Buy your cat, dog, iguana, rabbit, goldfish or little hamster here. Or your parrot of course.

Is it dead? Is it alive? We don't know.

All pets are delivered in stylish black boxes. No refunds. For all your cyanide and isotope needs also.

Ehrm, Oct 03 2005


       Plenty of old favourites in this idea. I await the custard/pirate afterthought edit.
Texticle, Oct 03 2005

       I'd rather go to a shop and buy a live pet. No novelty in kittie corpses. [-]
contracts, Oct 03 2005

       Excepting, of course, Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living.
calum, Oct 04 2005

       Do they sell gerbils?
xandram, Apr 08 2014

       //No novelty in kittie corpses.//   

       No, only joy. [+]
8th of 7, Apr 08 2014


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