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Schrodinger's Croissant

The quantum loaf
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Basically, an addition to the voting system by which, when cast, a balck box with a question mark appears. By determining which user you are, it adds the number of ideas you've posted, the number of votes for and against you got on them, the number of times you've typed 'custard' and whether or not you like cheese. This allows it to potentially cast any number of votes in any direction.
loopquanta137, Sep 01 2006


       What a load of nonsense !   

       Have a quark-bun for being so daft !   

monojohnny, Sep 01 2006

       I have voted. I do not know how I have voted. You do not know how I have voted. If ever we learn how I have voted, the cat gets it.
shapu, Sep 01 2006

       sp. Schrödinger's   

       There is a 49.5% chance that I have voted +, a 49.5% chance that I have voted -, and a 1% chance that I have just run around my house screaming about wallabies.
dbmag9, Sep 01 2006


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