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Voting Statistics

Put the number of fishbones and croissants given by people on their user profile.
(+11, -11)
  [vote for,

Since these stats seem to be collected by the halfbakery I think that it'd be interesting to see how positive or negative people are in their awarding.
dare99, Mar 02 2002

The Log Lady http://www.geocitie...npeaks/tpintro.html
"I carry a log - yes. Is it funny to you? It is not to me. Behind all things are reasons." [jutta, Mar 06 2002]

Ideas you voted on. (For Tabbyclaw.) http://www.halfbake...you_20voted_20on_2e
[jutta, Feb 26 2006]

Ideas I voted for http://www.halfbake..._20for_2c_20summary
(I don't know how you guys are compiling your statistics, but I made this view so I didn't have to scroll through so many pages. You can easily modify it to show your votes against and annotations.) [DrCurry, Mar 01 2006]


       No way! Ido not want to be identified as the . . .   

       . . . anyway, fishbone. As usual.
neelandan, Mar 02 2002

       Right, there's one name for the lists.......Bwaaa ha haaaaa!
dare99, Mar 02 2002

       //these stats seem to be collected by the halfbakery//

Do they? Where?
DrBob, Mar 02 2002

       Ummmm, yes?
dare99, Mar 03 2002

       [dare99]'s initial assumptions are correct. The halfbakery keeps track of who votes for what when and how. That helps detect vote fraud and lets the halfbakery display to a user the user's own vote. (The direction a user voted for becomes bold in the score display when viewed by the logged-in user.)   

       So, compiling the requested statistics would be possible, I just don't think it'll improve the ideas enough to justify violating the voters' privacy.
jutta, Mar 03 2002

       I assumed that there was no "collection" at all. I was wrong.
bristolz, Mar 03 2002

       Jutta has always caught fakers, so there had to be some sort of log...
StarChaser, Mar 03 2002

       Great idea. Obviously, votes from people that give mostly fishbones or morning snacks shouldn't get as much weight as from those who vote about 50/50. One morning snack 4 U.
blainez, Mar 04 2002

       UB - priceless observation.
waugsqueke, Mar 04 2002

       ...and the murderer was temporarily possessed by DrBob. Scary.   

       blainez: hotornot.com does something like this, where your vote (1-10) is valued depending on the average that you vote. If you introduced this to the hb, though there'd be people fishboning everything in sight to make their crossants more valuable (or vice versa)   

       The original idea I quite like. It would be fun to see who's mostly positive and who's mostly negative.
st3f, Mar 04 2002

       st3f: I never touched her!

blainez: I'm intrigued by your assertion that...
"Obviously, votes from people that give mostly fishbones or morning snacks shouldn't get as much weight as from those who vote about 50/50".
... Surely that depends on the quality of the ideas that they are voting on? The fact is that the majority of the ideas posted here are, for want of a better word, rubbish (I include my own stuff in this although I do try to make it entertaining rubbish). If you spend your time diligently going through every idea then it seems 'obvious' to me that you are going to be dishing out a lot more fishbones than croissants. To my mind, you should be very sparing with your pastries. Even with goodish ideas, part of the fun is analysing exactly why it either will not work or isn't desirable.
DrBob, Mar 04 2002

       . . . autoboner.
neelandan, Mar 04 2002

       Not guilty, m'lud.
DrBob, Mar 04 2002

       i wondered what that voting thing was......
rbl, Mar 04 2002

       Perhaps this could be done per idea, instead of per user profile. That would address the good doctor's concerns.   

       A few approaches to this off the top of my head - maybe clicking on an idea's croissant or fishbone could display a list of who voted how for that idea. Or perhaps a [votes] link in the "idea:" section below the croissant. Alternatively, display a columned list of usernames below the annotations.   

       I seem to be getting a lot of unexplained negative votes lately (fishbones sans comment). The reason could very well be valid, but where none is given, I'm left to presume many of the bones are probably personal issues. That doesn't matter much, but I do wonder how many people would use their votes in such a way if they did so openly.   

       // I just don't think it'll improve the ideas enough to justify violating the voters' privacy. //   

       It could improve the way votes are used, possibly.
waugsqueke, Apr 01 2003

       Worth1000.com has a complex voting system, whereby your votes (1-10) are weighted by your track record: the more you score close to the average result, the higher the weighting. Selected jurors (who have been on the site for at least three months and vote responsibly) get double weighting. The stated goal is to deter people deliberately skewing the voting, for example voting 10 for their friends and 1 for everyone else.   

       waugs: you seem to delight in making enemies; don't be surprised if they then do what enemies do. It's happened to all of us noisy ones, and no voting scheme will protect you from it.
DrCurry, Apr 01 2003

       // you seem to delight in making enemies //   

       Well, no, I don't delight in any such thing. People think what they think, and I don't care much either way. I am quite clear on this whole situation, thanks just the same.
waugsqueke, Apr 01 2003

       One reaps what one sows, as in life.
krelnik, Apr 02 2003

       I can't see any point to this, but I would like to be able to see a list of the ideas I've voted on.
Tabbyclaw, Feb 26 2006

       You can. See link.
jutta, Feb 26 2006

       Discover something new every day. Thanks!
Tabbyclaw, Feb 28 2006

       Hmm. I have voted against 117 ideas and for 558 ideas that are still on the HB.
bristolz, Mar 01 2006

       In contrast, I have about 76+, and 5-.
It could boil down to a simple bandwidth difference, or maybe one of us is trigger-happy, or lazy, or not concerned. Who can tell?
Ling, Mar 01 2006

       Or the ~five year disparity.
bristolz, Mar 01 2006

       You managed to get all your votes back, pre-crash? I didn't think that was possible.
Ling, Mar 01 2006

       Hmm. Good point except that I am fairly certain I haven't voted 600+ times in a year. It's possible ... although unlikely.
bristolz, Mar 01 2006

       I feel that I hardly vote at all, but I've managed to rack up 80-odd. Perhaps you could edit the 'Ideas you voted on' to show dates?
Ling, Mar 01 2006

       [boysparks], I think [Ling] meant the date that the vote was placed, not the date of idea creation. Thanks for the link though, I had no idea I'd voted on so many ideas. Apparently I'm being trigger-happy, but I've been here just over a year and my vote numbers are +551 -285.
hidden truths, Mar 01 2006

       Call me slow, but where are you getting your voting statistics? I only get the votes per idea, and have to open each idea's page to find out how I voted. I assume you haven't done that 837 times, [ht]. [edit] Checking 'raw votes' helps. Still...
spidermother, Mar 01 2006

       +1120 -2063. (Of course, to UnaBubba's general disgust, I use votes against to filter out ideas I never want to see again.)   

       And annotated 5025. Can't find a way to see how many links I've added.   

       Spidermonkey: see my link, it may help.
DrCurry, Mar 01 2006

       Ah, so that's how you do it, I'm on +1146 -116. I know I have a tendancy to be bun-happy but I'm surprised at that.
wagster, Mar 01 2006

       Wow, +1689 to -59. I never would have guessed that.   

       Thanks [DrCarey] 19+ 2-. I only vote when I'm sure I understand the idea and then have a strong opinion one way or the other. I haven't voted for my own ideas, as I figure I'm a vested interest. I've annotated 129 ideas.
spidermother, Mar 01 2006

       Is there a way to find out which //perverse, pathetic, pusillanimous bastard//s boned the "Evil Laugh Activated Hand Dryer?
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 01 2006

       //how many links I've added// Click search. Enter your username. Copy the entire page that results into a text editor. Do a 'search and replace' replacing 'link' with 'foo'. Subtract 1 from the number of substitutions (for the 'link' link). Must be a better way, but this works. I've made 27.
spidermother, Mar 01 2006

       Well, yeah, 1,021 by that count, but I was hoping for something more elegant.
DrCurry, Mar 01 2006

       In reference to the original idea, I'd be more than happy with it if it was an opt-in system. I realise that many probably like being able to vote anonymously, but I would be willing to allow people to see how I've voted and defend those choices if necessary.
hidden truths, Mar 05 2006


       I have found this very interesting! There is always something new to learn here! Thanks [jutta]!
And finding the annos to the missing [UB] annos are priceless!

       I still can't figure how to set it up to see my bun / bone ratio...
xandram, Feb 15 2013


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