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A category for experiments
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I've had a great idea to find out the answer to a scientific question that's bugging me for ages, but it's frankly half-baked, can you help me?

See PigeonHeadWigglingReasonFinderDevice in the "Other" section as it doesn't really fit with Home:Pet:Bird unless you've got pet pigeons I suppose...

SammyTheSnake, Jan 27 2005


       I'm not sure I want experiments as an explicit category in the halfbakery - that's kind of at an angle to all the rest of the stuff here, much of which is kind of experimental by nature.
jutta, Jan 27 2005

       Also, it would fill up with methods for floating cats, and getting energy from potatoes.
Loris, Jan 27 2005

       If you're creative enough you can disguise an experiment as a toy / product / sport etc.
wagster, Jan 27 2005

       + to wagster's anno
pashute, Jan 13 2016


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