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somewhere to put stuff like say...

Open a new carwash, and have flyers placed under the wipers of all the parked cars in the neighbourhood,... and a bit of birdseed sprinkled on every hood and roof of same.

FlyingToaster, Sep 26 2009


       What happened to the ideas in the public:evil category? Did they get put in public:general?
nineteenthly, Sep 26 2009

       difference between setting the fire-hydrants to spray pedestrians, and gluing them shut.
FlyingToaster, Sep 26 2009

       I think Evil category was attracting trolls and rubbish. I seem to recall Herself of the Bakery making some comments to this end.
xenzag, Sep 26 2009

       phone:prank, product:prank, remote:prank
FlyingToaster, Sep 26 2009


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