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Categories to do with the Ocean
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There have been several suggestions in the public:garbage section and public:islands that have mroe to do with the ocean itself than the islands or garbage in it. In light of this, why isn't there a section in science called science:oceans, with an aditional section for science:oceans:colonisation?
Selky, Sep 26 2009

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       yeah --- I reckon ocean dwellings should be made from ice (by using a salt that raises the phase change about 5 degrees)...
madness, Sep 26 2009

       Could you be more specific and link to the ideas that you'd put in there? I'm seeing "Oceanic Agriculture [For Small Remote Island States]" in the "Public: Island" section, but all the rest really seems to be about islands, not about the ocean.   

       As for "Public: Garbage", we don't have that category at all, so I'm a little confused about which ideas you saw. Do you mean "Public: Waste Disposal"?   

       There's "Science: Terraforming: Water" - that should be somewhere close to what you want, no?
jutta, Sep 26 2009

       sp. Moreau   

       Is there an adjective that describes a pie-in-the-sky economics-be-damned big hearted and somewhat sanctimonious urge to rescue other components of the earth and its inhabitants from the depredations of first worlders? A category with that adjective under science would be nice. Some of the ocean stuff could go there.   

       Maybe the Germans have a word for that urge. They have lots of great words for urges and feelings. Hard to google something liek that, though.
bungston, Sep 26 2009

       //depredations of first-worlders//   

       "what's this 'we' shit white-boy ?"   

       you think the tribes in Africa kept written record of fires they set to drive game animals into the cooking pot ? When they built the Great Wall, was there somebody there keeping track of migratory patterns ? Seen a herd of buffalo lately ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 26 2009

       Any Seasteading ideas would go in Science:Ocean:Colonization. We have a Science:Space:Colony section, so why not one for the oceans?   

       Any ideas that mainly involve the ocean - such as 'Seeding the ocean with fish food to increase stocks', or 'Using giant nets to adjust the PH balance of the sea' - would go in Science:Ocean.
Selky, Sep 27 2009

       It's 2009, [bungston], time to wake up. Global warming is real, environmental sustainability is self-preservation, not sanctimonious big-heartedness, we're all in this together, Elvis is dead, we did land on the moon, and gravity points down. Get over it.
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 27 2009

       Home: Seasteading, too?
notexactly, Feb 11 2018


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