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Scissor Pops

Lollipops in the shape of a pair of scissors
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To impress apon children the important lesson that there is an exception to every rule.
blahginger, Nov 10 2000


       Um, okay.   

       Is this an explicit rule I'm not familiar with or just the generally unstated assumption that scissors should not be eaten?
baf, Nov 11 2000

       One time my brother and I were doing a woodburning project (you know, drawing pictures on balsa wood with something resembling a soldering iron. Talk about a halfbaked idea) and enjoying lollipops at the same time. You know where this is going. Yes, licking the woodburner is a painful lesson, as my brother learned.   

       Anyway, I thought that you weren't supposed to RUN with scissors. So how about the Scissors Relay Race. Then you could have Paste Pops.
jimfl, Nov 12 2000


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