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Polo Shaped Food

Get yourself an 'O' shaped chicken
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Does anybody remember when the only crisps you could get were ready salted, salt and vinegar and cheese and onion. Go to a shop today and you will find all manner of scarily titled crisp packets strategically placed to keep you from buying anything else. You stand around looking befuddled hoping that somebody else will come along to choose something that you can copy. Oh look here comes someone now; oh bugger he's as confused looking as you are. Now you are two stupid looking idiots waiting around for someone with a greater sense of choice. But that isn't the end. You're numbers swell until you are a veritable army. As the days go by and you get hungrier you begin to feel angry. You and your swarm of fellow choiceless morons swarm the store. From there on, it can only be a matter of time until all is destroyed.

There is a slight chance that I was rambling there. Back to the idea. As pointed out in the above paragraph, crisps have had the monpoly on the idiotic flavours for far too long. So I thought to myself what else to people like to eat. Ant the answer is simple. I have yet to meet a single person who doesn't like any of the current limited number of polo flavours. But how much more popular would they be if they had random flavours such as curry and beef.

Of course I am not suggesting that they actually make the 'O's out of the actual product but merely the flavour, in much the same way as crisp flavourings. They would be considerably easier to carry around than a bulky packet of crisps. Also as an afterthought, chewing gum Polo's would also be rather good thing for mankind.

hidden truths, Jan 20 2005

Polo http://www.fortstee...arge/na-2520-37.jpg
[normzone, Jan 20 2005]

Donuts ae one of the five food groups, right? http://www.cms.cam....k/news15/donut.jpeg
All the Polo-shaped food you need on your diet. [DrCurry, Jan 21 2005]

Meat Sweets Meat_20Sweets
[Voice, Oct 09 2010]


       I'm in over my head on this one. Could someone else take this, please?
Mustardface, Jan 20 2005

       You might want to explain this one to the ignorant forrinners whose candies with a hole are called Lifesavers.
DrCurry, Jan 21 2005

Mustardface, Jan 21 2005

       Seems from the Brau's link that polo chewing gum is baked, or at least manufactured.
calum, Jan 21 2005

       I am afraid that [BrauBeaton] is mistaken. I am not suggesting the obviously disgusting mint flavoured crisps. What I am suggesting is crisp flavoured mints. Also for those of you who don't know, a Polo is a sweet that is circular with a smaller circle cut out of its middle.
hidden truths, Jan 21 2005

       To be perfectly honest, I was happy with the Holy Trinity of Plain, Salt & Vinegar and Cheese & Onion. I see no need for these ridiculous flavours such as "Slow Roasted Lamb & Mint", "Salsa & Mesquite" and the as-yet-unmanufactured but combinatorialy inevitable "Arsebiscuit & celerey." Similarly, Polos should come in but one flavour, namely Plain. These bluespeckled spearmint ones are an affront to the flavour and the fruit ones represent a sticky, sugary nadir, able to conjour up no emotion but the utter vexation of finding each and every frigging sweet furry with duffle coat pocket lint.   

       The last thing the world needs is Meat Sweets.
calum, Jan 21 2005

       I see why this one sort of died there back in 2005. RIP.
Boomershine, Oct 10 2010


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