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Scrabble Cafe

improve your Mexican Lexicon
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Scrabble is a universally amusing way of getting to understand another culture, I'm proposing a cafe extension to it. At first glance it's just a cafe where all the patrons are engaged in the fine game, but then you realise that the theme runs deeper. All of the menus use unintelligbly short or long official scrabble words, the staff speak like they've swallowed a local dictionary and a triple word score earns you a free muffin.
neilp, Sep 02 2004

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       Baked... or sort of. In Puerto Escondido (south Pacific, México) there's a scrabble themed café. The staff doesn't speak funny... but they organize tournaments and offer prizes.
Pericles, Sep 03 2004

       damn them.. and to think I only chose Mexico because the of poor rhyme. Are you sure [Pericles] ?
neilp, Sep 03 2004

       //Sherrif// I challenge that spelling. Sheriff, sherif, shereef, and sharif are OK... but "sherrif"? Lose a turn.
jurist, Sep 03 2004

       I want to read this menu, but I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to eat anything off of it. Quadruped on pita bread, anyone?
submitinkmonkey, Mar 10 2005

       Reminds me a of a sketch from almost-cult-status british tv show 'little britain' - this guy keeps on hypnotising his mum into believing that cuboardy is a real word.
froglet, Mar 10 2005

       Look into my eyes [froglet] not around the eyes, not around the eyes. You will go to my profile page and vote for all my ideas. You're back in the room.
neilp, Mar 10 2005

       If I did [neilp], I would probably either fishbone them all, or just say 'screw this' and go back to doing what I'm meant to be doing - computing lessons.   

       Next time, put it as 'croissant them all', not 'vote for them all'.
froglet, Mar 11 2005

       [-] I don't like it when I can’t pick out what to order when the menu is in French, I think I'll feel even worse if it's in English and I still can't understand it.
brodie, Mar 11 2005

       Scrabble Babble? Or Babel?
csea, Mar 11 2005


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