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Restaurant Memberships

All you can eat for a fixed monthly price.
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This would work in the same way as a membership at a fitness club, with sort of the opposite effect. You would pay a monthly fee and be able to eat a restaurant as much as you want without worrying about the bill. Perhaps, there could be a group of restaurants operating under the same system to give people choices, and there could be different levels of membership. Say, $50 a month gets you one meal a week, $100 gets you two meals, etc.
dredcat7, Mar 10 2001

Diner's Club http://www.dinersclub.com/news.cfm.
Never figured this out. Maybe they should add the doorway from 'The Outer Limits' to their home page and get some chic eateries on board. I give this idea a "+" [reensure, Mar 10 2001]


i voted for your idea and i would like a propose one way it could work (an idea i never got around to trying):

       tell your neighborhood chinese restaurant that you want to order one of everything on the menu, but not all at one time, in fact only about one a day or so, and that you would like to pay now, up front, in cash.   

       how much would they charge?
you could eat something new for dinner every night, like you have a cook. (you just cant get the same thing twice.)
when you have a fancy dinner to host, or a hot date, you have the upper end of the menu to knock off.
youd learn to like things you thought you didnt.
gnormal, Mar 10 2001

       In Paris you can get a "Museums and Monuments" pass that gets you into most museums and monuments for free over a period of one, three, or five days, at what amounts to a significant savings if you visit several. I'd really like one of these for the restaurants in Paris.
beauxeault, Mar 10 2001

       As an English Parisian I have to note that they also have an unlimited cinema pass here. Apparently it is working as they have a lot of subscribers although some of them are allegedly being more blaise about films. I don't see much films myself, preferring to walk back home among the river of an evening.   

       However you can do this manually, of course. A lot of resturants have fixed priced meals with a fair amount of variety. Just pick a set with approximately the same price and put money aside each month.
Aristotle, Mar 11 2001

       Here comes Marlon Brando, we're bankrupt! Thank God, it's Calista Flockhart, we're back in business!
deacon, May 12 2001

       LOL Deacon! There already is a dining club where I live - the damn telemarketers are always phoning to invite me to join. You get huge discounts for dining at a particular hotel chain's restaurants, and you also earn points towards staying for free at these hotels. Now, when I answer the phone and someone asks me the three questions "Do you like to dine out? Do you like to take holidays? Do you like to save money?" I answer "No, no and no" before they can start their spiel.
Snippity, May 13 2001

       Yeah, this will appeal mainly to big fat hogs who try and see how much they can cram into their distended guts, and the slender people who sign up and pay the same price wind up subsidizing tubby's chow.
Duffi, May 13 2001

       Well, Duffi - isn't that the way taxes work - I wind up subsidizing some people on welfare who have 20 children, while I have none. All you can eat buffets survive based on this principle you have mentioned. Actually, isn't this idea sort of an all-you-can-eat buffet - except that instead of paying a flat rate to eat as much as you want in one sitting, you're paying for a month or a year.
submitinkmonkey, Mar 10 2005

       woah! here come monster with many mouths! lock door! close blinds!   

       the CHINESE FOOD SUBSCRIPTION is a good idea. maybe just a punch card. but that doesn't feel as powerful. [+]
changokun, Mar 10 2005

       Hey dredcat7, what do you weigh? A deuce? Deuce an' a half?
thefullrob, Mar 10 2005


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