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Soylent Cafe

Sell specialty drinks involving Soylent
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Iced Soylent with a shot of espresso, Soylent latte, Soylent berry smoothie, warm Soylent chai. It tastes better than you'd think and is a more balanced meal than smoothies, froyo, pressed juice or croissants. Even Soylent cookies (yes you can bake cookies out of Soylent though the nutritional value is debatable after so much applied heat).

A cafe that sells coffee, tea, and food made from Soylent, with nutritional information prominently displayed, would probably a good fit for the bay area.

skatc, Jun 15 2016


       So, apart from the pun on "soya" and the fact that this would be illegal and unpalatable...?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 15 2016

       Will it sell Soylent Plus ? Like, Soylent plus vellocet, or synthemesc, or drencrom ?
8th of 7, Jun 15 2016

       is this the original film version of Soylent (Green) or are you using that (relatively) recently developed meal replacement powder (delivery system usually a shake) which seems to be a little closer to Futurams's Bachelor Chow in concept?
Skewed, Jun 15 2016

       At least in the movie the product was derived from human corpses, rather than multitudinous terrestrial arthropods. Nobody's going to be too disturbed by Charlton Heston shouting "Soylent Green is Beetles !"
8th of 7, Jun 15 2016

       // Nobody's going to be too disturbed by Charlton Heston shouting "Soylent Green is Beetles !"//   

       Oh I don't know.. he's been dead 8 years, so I might find it a touch disturbing
Skewed, Jun 15 2016

       i drink soylent and this idea is absoyd
teslaberry, Jun 21 2016


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