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Pet Opium Dens

Where were they when we were getting high?
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Given the proliferation of decriminalized Schedule I drugs, the opioid epidemic, the lack of relevant case law, and the recent confirmation that even dolphins like getting high, it's time to create a business that takes advantage of the anthropomorphization of pet animals, and let them enjoy chemistry as much as their owners do.
theircompetitor, Feb 11 2017

You just purse your lips together, and blowfish https://www.google....ZjUTg3vS436EAo_5k0A
[theircompetitor, Feb 11 2017]

Animal lovers, don't miss https://www.google....ome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
[po, Feb 12 2017]


       I had a lot to say about this but it all kind of logjammed somewhere between my brain and my fingers. [+]
Voice, Feb 12 2017

       We don't even have a location where I can go to smoke opium,and you think we should fast-forward to dolphins?   

       C'mon, you're a businessman. Open a chain of outlets where I can experience the ancient intoxicant, and THEN we'll talk about you bringing in the residents of your swimming pool.
normzone, Feb 12 2017

       I'm going straight to VR addiction, [normzone], no need to waste time on the intermediate stuff :)
theircompetitor, Feb 12 2017

       a lot of species like a high.
po, Feb 12 2017


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