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Scrambled Egg Cement Mixer

builder's breakfast
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Looks like a miniature cement mixer, but instead of producing cement, it makes perfectly cooked scrambled eggs.

Here's how it works: crack in the eggs; add a little milk; drop in a knob of butter, and switch it on. As it churns away just like a regular cement mixer, its teflon inside drum also heats up, gently cooking the mixture as is slops around against the angled agitating blades.

When it's done, just tip the scrambled eggs out unto a plate, and get someone else to clean it.

xenzag, Feb 12 2011

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       Will this also be available in a brass-and-mahogany Stemapunk version ?
8th of 7, Feb 12 2011

       //get someone else to clean it// I wonder if you could scramble an egg in situ by sonicating it in the shell. Not only would solve the cleaning problem, but the egg could be both scrambled *and* soft-boiled.
mouseposture, Feb 12 2011

       Crackin eggs in the cement mixer?...
you know that's a paddlin.

       do you have a model that actually moves around the table delivering scrambled eggs from plate to plate?
Voice, Feb 12 2011


       For cleaning, you could have a number of miniature broken bricks which you throw into it and leave, dislodging residual egg whilst annoying the neighbours.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2011

       Is this full size, I hope.
pocmloc, Feb 12 2011

       Um, how do you get the drum to heat up? Electricity through slip rings? Flame on the outside?   

       When scrambling eggs, I put the butter in first, just to slick the pan a bit, and leave out the milk, as I was told it toughens the eggs (although the butter is also a dairy product, as is the cheese I always put in).
baconbrain, Feb 12 2011

       Love it. A perfect application for induction heating, too, as it could both rotate and heat the drum from one coil. If this is how it worked, the drum could be completely removed and cleaned in a dishwasher, but I feel this would be detracting from the idea somewhat.
mitxela, Feb 12 2011

       Seeing as scrambled eggs are the least difficult type of preparation, this idea is delightfully overcomplexicated. [+] Would be practical for big batches, however.
daseva, Feb 12 2011

       I'd long been thinking of something like this as a stir-fryer, but I got hung up on trying to keep it from spattering all over, as well as on getting the heat to it. Induction heating, eh, [mixtela]? Gotta look at that.   

       With the right lid this would work for popcorn, too.
baconbrain, Feb 12 2011

       I love this. Especially if it could come with cookie- cutter-style moulds to turn your toast soldiers into spades.   

       Nice work, xen!
lostdog, Feb 12 2011

Jinbish, Feb 12 2011

       Or, for tube-shaped omelets or crepes, tilt up vertically and set to 'centerfuge.'
RayfordSteele, Feb 12 2011

       Scrambled eggs...yum. Done in a cement mixing truck, double yum. (yum-yum).
blissmiss, Feb 13 2011

       I love this idea, because I've been trying to find a way to cook really good SE's without all of the attention.   

       The flavor really comes out in SE's when they are cooked at really low heat in a teflon pan and stirred constantly with a silicon spatula. This can take 20 minutes for five servings, but the results are really something else again.   

       You really only have a couple of options to keep them in motion: tumble them and let them stick to the pan, or have some sort of gentle scraping device to dislodge them from the surface.   

       Because I am a UF who will probably never do much with any idea, I will follow up with a realted idea that I thing will work, without the cleanup.
nomocrow, Feb 13 2011

       + can I get one delivered by tomorrow?
xandram, Feb 13 2011

       Does anyone know if this would really work? Where's the turmeric?   

       Maybe it will work. I'm one who manipulates the eggs maybe more than they need to with the spatula. I do it so they won't burn into the pan, though.
Zimmy, Feb 14 2011

       The kit simply must come with a small shovel, and an apron that shows the top 1" of builder's cleavage.
Ling, Feb 14 2011

       //Where's the turmeric?// Never put that in my scrambled eggs before. Must try it.
xenzag, Feb 14 2011

       Very good - and it needs an accompanying skip of toast.
hippo, Feb 14 2011


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