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ScratchNote Milk Indicator

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Insert a 1 week calendar for milk. As soon as you open the carton, you are meant to scratch that day off.

If you want to see if you have to throw it away, simply check the day, and if its 3 or 4 days overdue. Then you know to throw it away. Simple.

(of course, we are better off with microfluidic timers that counts the day exactly, and make the carton go red on expiry... but until we can make it cheap enough... that dream will have to wait)

mofosyne, Mar 07 2010


       My milk comes with a "best by" date, but I don't use that. I rely on my nose, figuring the milk doesn't know what the date is and will just spoil whenever it's ready.
phoenix, Mar 07 2010

       Surely it is part of your Assistant Pastrychef's duties to monitor the quality of dairy products from the Home Farm herd ?
8th of 7, Mar 07 2010


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