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Vacuum triggered food expiry

For when you open the food
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I think all the the existing ideas focus on the expiry date. But there are some instances where the food should be consumed 'within 3 days from opening'. The trouble is, when was it opened? Quite often, it's my wife that opens it, but after it has been in the 'fridge for a while, I don't know how long. So to be safe, I tend to throw it.

It seems most of the items in question are vacuum sealed, or at least, could be.

What I think could work in this case is a plastic vial with a system for allowing the chemical inside to start travelling once the vacuum has been broken. The chemical travels and counts off the days along a scale. At least I would know that ham was opened 1 day ago, or 7 days ago.

The vial could be stuck on the inside of the jar lid as well.

Ling, Dec 17 2006


       I use common sense, sense of smell and my good cooking sense. If you do not posses any of these senses than this possibly could work.   

       A word to the nervous, the expiry date is no where close to the day shit starts to go bad. It is placed there by the company that sells the product to cover thier ass as they could not possibly predict the exact day shit goes bad.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 17 2006

       I too hate that bad shit.
methinksnot, Dec 17 2006


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