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Scratch & Lick Stickers

A counterpart to scratch and sniff stickers
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Scratch & Lick stickers are exactly what they sound like. You scratch'em, then you lick'em. Created by using artificial flavoring, these are perfect for anyone.
DesertFox, Aug 25 2004


       In "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" they had scratch 'n' lick wallpaper. "Try the strawberry, it tastes like strawberry. Try the orange, it tastes like orange!" Sorry, I get carried away when I think about that movie. So many fond memories. Anyway, this idea is kind of baked if you count the wallpaper I just mentioned. But I applaud you for thinking of something that titilates the tastebuds.
Machiavelli, Aug 25 2004

       [contracts]..I swear my hamburger's making faces at me!
Machiavelli, Aug 25 2004

HalfBaker, Oct 03 2007


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