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push along giant slot car walking aid
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My son is currently learning to walk. He has a push along brick truck that he trundles about with. However he hasn't mastered the art of steering and gets most frustrated when he innevitably runs in to a wall.

What he could do with is a slotted track, on which to put his truck, that takes him on a tour of the sitting room.

Then he would never run into a wall and could toddle around until he got bored which, given how proud he looks of his achievements so far, would be quite a while.

rambling_sid, Sep 26 2005


       Rather than limiting him to the track layout, use proximity sensing to automatically steer the truck away from walls and furniture. And of course, a R/C option for you to steer him around would be fun. +
Shz, Sep 26 2005

bungston, Sep 26 2005


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