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Secret Boggle

Two ideas, both modifications of boggle.
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1. A boggle set, fashioned out of some soft, non rattly material, to allow travellers to play boggle in public areas without annoying the nearby.
2. A normal boggle set, but with all the cubes pristine white and unsullied by letters, to make things easier, or more difficult, depending on your powers of imagination.
calum, Jan 12 2005

Boggle http://www.centralc...m/GAMES/boggle.html
rules and description [calum, Jan 12 2005]

On Line Multiplayer Boggle http://boggle-online.htmlplanet.com/
[calum, Jan 12 2005]

Travel Folio Boggle http://www.areyouga....asp?itemno=HB40960
"They’ve even engineered the game pieces to be more quiet." [half, Jan 12 2005]

Quiet Dice: http://boreal.com/c...ry.asp_Q_c_E_563959
[Amos Kito, Jan 14 2005]


       Personally, I like variation 2. You could play it feverishly on a train with a friend, while incredulous onlookers whisper in worried tones to one another.
zen_tom, Jan 12 2005

       I'd like a variation on variation 2. All the cubes are covered with unintelligible markings unless you're wearing the special color filtering glasses.   

       As for variation 1, see link.
half, Jan 12 2005

       [half], that's awesome!   

       I'd also like to see cards like that, so you could play solitaire without someone coming up to you and saying "put the red nine on the black 10".
phundug, Jan 12 2005

       It's impossible to play boggle without annoying those nearby. This is not because of the rattle of the cubes in the box, but because of the need to shriek and shout when the game reaches its tense final stages.   

       Or maybe that's just me.
salachair, Jan 14 2005

       Please remove (1) - it's dull. However due to (2), (1) could be a long tract on drying paint and you'd still get my croissant.
wagster, Jan 14 2005

       (2) should be played using pens with invisible ink.
phundug, Sep 06 2006

GutPunchLullabies, Sep 06 2006

       The loudness isn't from the cubes, it's from yelling "LET ME SEE YOU SHAKE IT!"
sophocles, Sep 07 2006


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