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Scratch and sniff crotch decals

For the house-bound dog.
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Treat the decals with appropriate pheremones or whatever it is that attracts canines to that sensitive location. Hours of amusement for your pet while you are at work.

(I know, I know, but it's a family site...so "crotch")

grackle, May 12 2001

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       Step 1: Don't change your underwear for a week.
Step 2: Nail dirty underwear to wall.
As Needed: Replace underwear when dog eats it.

       (Actually you shouldn't let dogs eat rags. It can bind up their intestines and create a deadly infection.)
Dog Ed, May 14 2001

       i'm all for a crotch scented decal. Probly keep the dog from humping your leg too.
chupacabra, Jan 28 2002

       why only for dogs? I think you're prematurely cutting yourself out of a much larger market.
subgenius, Jul 05 2002

       I believe there are some ladies that have baked this invention for a larger market already.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 01 2006


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