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Screaming Banging and Exploding Paintball Vest

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A big problem in paintball is that it can be hard to tell when someone is hit. We need a remedy to this solution of "Was that guy hit?" It can be hard to tell sometimes, and, quite frankly, people lie alot, too. So we need a solution.

If you just want to get to the exploding, (or your name is AfroAssault) skip to Part 2.

Part 1
It is not just a regular vest. It is a special vest. With paint/pressure sensitive pads. Upon inpact with a paintball, sensing the impact, and the release of paint, it lets out a piercing wail.

Part 2
There exist numerous pressure sensitive chemicals, that make a nice bang if sudden pressure is placed upon them. Things like nitroglycerin. A less powerful one is ammonium tri-iodide; you can paint it on the floor, and when someone walks on it, it will make loud pops every time someone steps on it. Coat a vest in this stuff. A paintball would make a very loud pop. Unfortunately, ammonium tri-iodide is too unstable for our purposes, it is way too sensitive. A less sensitive, less smelly chemical is needed; alas I don't know any technical names of any chemicals (or non-technical names) that would suit my purpose.

DesertFox, Mar 23 2006

Fleshound Vest _27Tis_20Just_20A_2...llet_20Proof_20Vest
Inspiration [DesertFox, Mar 23 2006]

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       I play with one or two trigger-happy fucktards who concentrate more on trying to make their electronic-actuated markers shoot as fast as humanly possible rather than listen for you to call "OUT" when you're hit. As a consequence, you usually get hit about nine or ten times before they stop shooting and you want to go kick them in the nuts.   

       I'd rather see an invention that would use a wireless network to sense the timing of shots fired from individual markers and the corresponding hits on other players. So if Mister fucktard hits one person more than, say - three times in as many seconds, his marker electrocutes him.   

       <pop> OUT! <pop> I said OUT!! <pop> You mother- <sizzle!>
Navy_Guns, Mar 23 2006

       Wouldn't your vest screambangandexplode every time you dived for cover/ran up against a tree/banged your chest during a victory dance?
egbert, Mar 27 2006

       That's part of the fun! Actually, paintballs hit at a high velocity and smaller area. Meaning much higer initial pressure. Its the difference between getting hit with a thrown baseball and a pneumatically fired marble.
DesertFox, Mar 27 2006

       Put in on headgear and it gives a new meaning to the phrase, 'bust a cap in his head'!
Texbinder, Mar 27 2006

       What about the stuff they put in those little throw-downs or fun-snaps or whatever silly name they have? You know, the ones wrapped in little twists of paper with sawdust in them.
wagster, Mar 27 2006

       Those are a flint/gunpowder mix.
Shz, Mar 27 2006

       I thought that the thing about those paintballs was that they left a mark of paint, thus showing a person had been hit. If it were not for that, one could play the game with thrown rocks as our ancestors did for millenia.   

       /you usually get hit about nine or ten times before they stop/ - isn't this part of the whole shooting people fun deal? Plus, unless you are re-enacting the Crimean war, are not multiple hits more representative of modern warfare? Also the prospect of multiple painful oozing welts would dissuade wusses from coming out to play.   

       Last and least, the invention. Throwing yourself down on irregular terrain (sticks, rocks) likely produces pressures comparable to those made by a paintball. One could have garments which produce an electronic signal when wetted by the paint. It would also produce a signal when a player became so fearful of multiple oozing welts that he wet his pants.
bungston, Mar 27 2006

       //and the release of paint,//   

       Relies on the release of paint, not just impact.   

       [bungston] Some people will just wipe the paint off. I've seen them do it.
DesertFox, Mar 27 2006

       I hope you shot him again.   

       Or was he on your team? <conspiratorial wink>
egbert, Mar 28 2006

DesertFox, Mar 28 2006

       Short story: We were plaing paintball CTF on a big field, and I was providing covering fire, when I got hit with a far-ranged shot, and it bounced off. The ref came to check me over to make sure I wasn't out, and I showed. He didn't believe me, so he made me stand OUT IN THE OPEN, where, of course, I was immediately shot. In the neck. He knew I was hit because of him, and he declared me out anyways.   

       So next match, I shot him about 15 times.
DesertFox, Mar 28 2006

       Seems like they should be able to do the same sort of deal as the laser tag vests, doesn't it? I like bungston's idea with electroweave-type clothing - if it gets wet, it lights up the vest, sounds a horn, sends a signal, or whatever.   

       My personal solution for the jerks who refuse to play fair? Load up a full hopper, walk over to 'em, and just unload point blank until they get the point. Never had anyone cheat a second time! >:)
harp2812, Mar 29 2006

       Your search for the magic material is over:   

sophocles, Mar 30 2006

       Maybe a combination of laser-tag and paintball. paintball for the obvious reasons, and laser-tag things to make the noises
serenitynow, Mar 31 2006


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