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Screenless, keyboardless computer

Laptop with "floating" screen and projected keyboard
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I've seen descriptions of computer keyboards that are simply laser projections onto nearby handy surfaces. I've also seen recent advances in screen technology that are allowing experimental projection of images in thin air. Be kind of cool if you had a portable computer, say, something the size of a paperweight, that projected both keyboard and display...
cloudface, Mar 03 2004

Cardboard Laptop http://www.halfbake.../Cardboard_20Laptop
Same idea except for the 'images in thin air' bit. [benjamin, Oct 04 2004]

Projection Keyboard http://www.alpern.o...ctionKeyboards.html
[3/3/2004] [jurist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Look Ma, no projection screen. http://www.wired.co...,1282,60410,00.html
$110,000US each. Bring Money Withya. [3/3/2004] [jurist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       There is such a thing as a projected keyboard on the market already. Too lazy to link.   

       Maybe you could use a laser pointer as a mouse?
Eugene, Mar 04 2004

       // projection of images in thin air //   

       Link to information on this please?
benjamin, Mar 04 2004

       Isn't this what the female lead Shion Uzuki uses in the PS2 game Xenosaga? I'd certainly want one too, but it may not be feasible yet to make one with today's tech.
Aerythes, Mar 04 2004

       I don't know about floating screens, but small projection screens shone onto desks, wall, or sheets of paper seem a good idea for use with PDAs, smartphones, etc. I'm not entirely sure why existing video projectors are so big: even the smallest portable ones weigh about 4 lb and are as big as a hardback book. Is it the optics, the fan, the PSU, the control electronics, or simply the fact that nobody can be bothered to make them smaller?
kropotkin, Mar 04 2004

       This would actually be pretty cool, only I would find it hard to type fast enough on a keyboard floating in the air without the F- and J-key bumps.
docOdd, Sep 10 2010


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