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Shruggy mobile device interface

Like it sounds
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I use my mobile device a lot, and hold it accordingly, just within eyeshot as I am walking around, which means I have a sort of arm- half-up-half-down gesture that casually floats between "I am paying attention to my phone" and "I am watching where I am going". I know I shouldn't do this. Glasses are too all the way for me.

So this would be a round-the-shoulder-ish body-hugging foam (ascot?) connected gently to a facial extensions that could contact a touch screen. So the precision would come out of the overall shruggability of the contraption, that you could hit something by both shrugging you shoulders and pointing your nose/ jutting your jaw. And all the while you are hands-free.

JesusHChrist, Aug 29 2014




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