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Society of the Reality Augmented Spectacles

Desperation Perfected
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1. With modern production society will soon have an immense accumulation of these spectacles. Everything will be seen through these spectacles.

2. Real-time live streaming video is assembled before the eyes from packets of data. The wearer accepts this as an accurate representation, but also wonders what the world would be like without the spectacles.

3. These spectacles are a social networking tool. However, people must be seperated by them to use them.

4. These spectacles are not a Viewmaster slideshow toy, but a way of interacting with others as if they were images in one.

5. These spectacles cannot be understood.


rcarty, Apr 07 2012

Society of the Spectacle. http://www.marxists.../debord/society.htm
[rcarty, Apr 07 2012]


Hive_Mind, Apr 08 2012


       not very rose colored.   

       This spectacular collection is what happens when philosophy majors go rogue...
RayfordSteele, Apr 09 2012


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