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Spherical Monitor

Watch it from anywhere
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In lieu of a good holographic projector, I think this is a good filler from now til then. It would be a glass (or other material) sphere, with a projector on the bottom, and when the image is flashed up, like an HUD on an airplane, it would display it on the sphere. Of course, because of how human eyes work, you would see the image on whatever side you looked at it from. That way, you could be up and walking around the room, while watching the monitor at the same time. And to prevent from warping the image into a circle, the computer could compensate by warping it the other way while it was being displayed. Like a crystal ball for your computer. Now combine that with an effective voice recognition unit... The only drawbacks I can think of are that the weight would be tremndous, so much that it may have to sit on the floor, and that in extremely bright environments it might be hard to see the display.
Yoji, Nov 11 2001


       It wouldn't give a 3D effect because both eyes would see the same image. You could also achieve the same effect at considerably less cost by putting your monitor on a computer-controlled turntable and linking it to a eye-tracking, head-tracking or person-tracking device.
pottedstu, Nov 11 2001

       people who enter the room can see that I am logged on to the halfbakery instead of what I should be doing
po, Nov 11 2001

       Aren't these called crystal balls?
bristolz, Nov 11 2001

       Like what [pottedstu] said. Except I'd keep the CRT stationary and use a series of mirrors - the visible one spinning - to project the image (some fraction of) 360 degrees. You could control the viewing area by controlling on/off timing of the CRT itself.
phoenix, Nov 11 2001

       It's not true that this wouldn't give a 3D effect -at all-, though. Stereo is necessary for an entirely natural and convincing 3D image, but head tracking and parallax is actually the more important half of the equation. People with one eye can drive cars, and it's easier to judge distance playing Quake on a vanilla monitor than it is looking at a static Viewmaster slide.
Mharr, Nov 12 2001

       I think the extra weight could be used to advantage by mounting the monitor on a coiled spring. Tune in to any talking head and if inclined to do so, give the monitor a little push. Now you have your own wobble-head Dan Rather or whoever. A variety of molded-plastic bases in the form of bodies, could provide some extra fun.
entremanure, Nov 12 2001

       perhaps you should be able to wave your hand over it and it will return your horoscope for the day.
timdorr, Nov 12 2001

       It's been done! Check out www.actuality-systems.com "Perspecta" display. It "creates spatial 3D imagery by projecting thousands of 2D images per second onto a rotating screen...". So what if it costs $45K to get one to develop your software with?   

       I'll hold out for something less expensive...
clay, Jul 02 2002

       //It would be a glass (or other material) sphere// Lead?
NickTheGreat, Jul 03 2002


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