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Sculpted Exposed Appliance Parts

Inspired by Ian TIndale's Skeleton Espresso Machine
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Ian's idea was to have an exposed espresso machine so you could see all the workings instead of having an exterior cover.

This takes it a step further, put artistic design consideration into exposed workings of the appliance and sculpt them to be works of art.

The Freon tank for a refrigerator might be shaped like a heart, the tubes from which wrapped around the unit like a climbing vine. The wires to an exposed toaster might be zig zagged causing moire patters as you walk by it that sort of thing.

So celebrating the beauty of the inner workings of the appliance by forming those interior parts into various sculptures and shapes pleasing to the eye.

If it absolutely needed an exterior casing to keep it clean, it would be clear.

doctorremulac3, Oct 18 2017

Inspired by: Skeleton_20Espresso_20Machine
[doctorremulac3, Oct 18 2017]

Become a fan .... https://crossthebre...02/25/become-a-fan/
[normzone, Oct 18 2017]


       I'm a huge fan of this idea. Watching the gears of stand mixer through a clear case would be super cool.
mace, Oct 18 2017

       //I'm a huge fan// Clearly you're part of the airconditioner.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 18 2017

       Or a former enthusiast of agricultural machinery... that would make him an ex-tractor fan ...
8th of 7, Oct 18 2017


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