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Train Kettle

Boiling water drives a small water kettle train in your general direction.
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You fill the train's water reservoir near the sink and turn it on. Slowly the water comes to a boil and begins to chug up a slightly inclined track. By the time it reaches the top of the track where the tea, cream and sugar is kept the water is hot enough for a nice cup of... the aforementioned beverage. Then place the train kettle back on the track to let it roll down the grade back to the sink.
schmendrick, Sep 13 2005


       I thought this was about making tea in the steam boiler of a train. That would make quite a lot of tea, wouldn't it?
discontinuuity, Sep 13 2005

       Just dont touch the third rail, YIKES.
Antegrity, Sep 13 2005

       [+], but it has to toot.
Detly, Sep 13 2005

       It would only be natural of me to vote for this.
Coal Drag, Sep 13 2005


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