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"Six Shooter" espresso machine

Improved automatic espresso machine.
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Current automated grind and pack espresso machines lack sex appeal and lend an unprofessional appearance to the coffee bars that utilize them. The solution i propose disposes with the current technology, a split anvil and replaces it with a rotary with multiple barrels. As the unit was rotated a hand lever operated by the barista would power the two crucial operations of the device; packing and discharging the cake . Levering the handle would also preload the rotator. The cylinders not in the "packing/making" position or the "cake discharge" position would be recieving, in sequence, a water rinse, a steam rinse, then fresh grounds and would be ready for the packing/running mode. This allows the machine to function as an attractive visible centerpiece while serving customers faster and relieving braisto fatigue. It is simple, robust, and aesthetic while retaining the conventional screen and hand crafted approach. No additional motors or computers. An enthusiast's post i will produce a diagram soon.

I note the requirement for the cake to be discharged by being forced to the top of the cylinder and include it in my design. This allows the cake to be swept cleanly off the top of the barrel, the screen to be rinsed, steamed, and then returned to the bottom to receive fresh grounds. I would simply force the screen to the top of the bore with a rod then hold it there for the cleaning cycles then drop it back to the bottom to fill.

WcW, Feb 09 2008


       (I'm sure there is a better name for this)... best taken with a croissant like this [+] toasted on your faulty laptop :-)
xenzag, Feb 09 2008

       I'll give it a bun. Anything to speed up espresso making. In some neglected cultural eddies, espresso is the only option apart from Nescafe, so there is no choice but to wait ten to fifteen minutes.
mylodon, Feb 09 2008

       [+] from me.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 09 2008

       I believe I saw something like this on American Inventor or Dragons Den.   

       Please link! I would love to buy one.
WcW, Feb 09 2008

       I've been looking for a link to it, and I'm getting pretty good at finding stuff in this interthingy, but ...no dice.   

       any inprovement on coffee is well worth exploring...
Macdaddyx1, Feb 10 2008

       2 fries, was it perhaps the EZT4U on American Inventor? While not exactly espresso-related, it's a variation on a coffee maker.
Canuck, Feb 10 2008

       [+] and I don't even drink coffee
xxobot, Feb 16 2008

       Nope. That's not the one [Canuck].   


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