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Sealed/Unsealed Indicator

for thermoses and sport bottles.
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I've been carrying a Camel-Bak sport bottle with me to and from work every day for the past 2 months because I'm cutting back on my soda consumption. I've been drinking almost nothing but water this whole time, and have lost a lot of weight as a result.

The issue I'm attempting to resolve with this idea is the tendency of the lid of said sport bottle to become inadvertently loosened while twisting the spout open/closed, and dumping large amounts of the contents down my shirt when I attempt to take a sip. I don't believe I can the only person to have had this problem.

So my idea is for a line of sport bottle and Thermos-like products with lids that have pressure sensors on the underside, and either a spring- loaded pop-up post or an LED indicator that signals when it is screwed on all the way. The LED might be be better because it could be used to turn red when its not sealed, and green when it is. Not sure if there's a mechanical equivalent for that function. I'm not attached to either specific method, but the idea of any reliable indicator is what I'm going for.

21 Quest, Sep 14 2010


       [Ian] yes, but I wonder if your solution could deliver a proportionally stronger temperature-response signal depending on the variable integrity of the seal?
hippo, Sep 15 2010

       Man oh man... Ian, you have my vote, altered temperature sensitivity and all.
absterge, Sep 15 2010

       Ya know, I just *knew* someone was going to say that, Ian.
21 Quest, Sep 15 2010

       The sensor should also account for a cover that's screwed on really tightly at an angle.

       How about a valve system plus pressure sensor that detects whether the bottle can be pressurized?
subatomicsushi, Sep 16 2010

       I had thought about that, but would make the bottle too bulky.
21 Quest, Sep 17 2010


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