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Spoil-reducing milk jug

Divided into two to reduce spoilage
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My idea is to make a milk jug that is a similar shape as the current, standard 1-gallon (or perhaps 1.5 gallon) jug, but is divided into two halves. Yup, that's it. That way, milk providers could sell it for only slightly more than a standard gallon, and people who normally buy a half-gallon can buy a whole gallon. Since milk usually spoils quicker after it's been open (and especially so with ultra-pasteurized organic milk), this would be a way to save money for the consumer.
Qinopio, Dec 02 2004


       Are you sure about the spoilage only after it's opened thing?   

       I do like the idea, though. Another way to approach it is to have the milk in a thin flexible bladder somewhat like those baby bottles.
bristolz, Dec 02 2004

       I've found this is usually the case - this is especially in regards to Horizon milk, which often has dates nearly a month after the sale date, but (like any milk) goes bad after about a week after opening. It's awful expensive, though.   

       Opening exposes the milk to bacteria outside and hastens spoilage, doesn't it?
Qinopio, Dec 02 2004

       Fairly sure? Go buy some milk and don't open it for three weeks and let us know what happens.
waugsqueke, Dec 02 2004

       How hard would it be to make the plastic milk container change color when it reaches the spoil point? They are making DVDs that self destruct after 24-48 hours upon opening. Seems like a milk container with even something simple like a test strip would be doable.
jackottabox, Dec 03 2004


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