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Temperature Zones

Not just for cold-blooded animals anymore!
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How about designated temperature zones in group oriented places like churches and movies theaters? Not too sure how this would would work, but different areas of the facility could be labled "Warm area" or "Cool area". No more sweltering in an overheated church filled with 70 year olds and no more shivering in a freezer/screening room, just simply sit in the preferred temperature area.
Graciem, Apr 14 2002


       You'd have to go from left to right rather than front to back. Might be cheaper to give everybody a blanket.
phoenix, Apr 14 2002

       I dunno, seems reasonable to me, having sometimes found myself pleasantly located under a ventilation fan in an over-warm theater or restaurant.
Dog Ed, Apr 14 2002

       Smoking or Non-Smoking?
Ventilated or Non-Ventilated?
Cool or Warm?
Arctic, Breezy or Chilly?
Occasional Gusts?
As long as they're not coming from the restroom
thumbwax, Apr 14 2002

       I'm afraid they'd always seat me in the Totally Un-Cool section...
spartanica, Apr 14 2002

       From the 'you can make all of the people happy some of the time' school of thought? Next will come short people or tall people? smelly or non? dressy or casual? chatty or quiet?. Eventually we all end up with our own perfectly climate controlled pod.   

       UB-wouldn't you get bored? No dramatic weather shifts to keep things exciting?
rbl, Apr 14 2002

       Occasional Gusts! Seat me there, please.
waugsqueke, Apr 15 2002

       12deg C? Move to Belfast where it's 12deg C and drizzling all year round.
stupop, Apr 15 2002

       Belfast? Sounds like perfect yukata weather!!
juuitchan3, Jun 07 2002


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