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Secret Decoder Toilet Tissue

Makes hygiene fun
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Why not print toilet paper with a series of symbols, or code, such as A = K, etc. After 26 squares are exhausted the letters/code repeats itself, until reaching the cardboard core. the cardboard roll could feature an encrypted saying, or joke with the previous code letters being the solution. This product would be especially popular with kids. Related products could feature sports stats, science facts ( perhaps about bathroom functions?), or trivia.
Apologetic_Cynic, Feb 22 2004


       //This product would be especially popular with kids//

I remember pouring out an entire box of Cap'n Crunch just so I could have the Soggies water squirter inside. I don't even WANT to think about what will happen with this.

"Mom! Billy won't share the ex lax!"
AfroAssault, Feb 22 2004

       This is a great idea. We would be interested in marketing it. Contact us with more information.   

       We market toilet paper ideas   

polish, Feb 22 2004


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