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Toilet Lidder

Infrared (IR) Toilet Lid Sensor/Actuator
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Given that the toilet seat is an unsolvable problem in a triple function, standing vs. seated environment, why not at least tend to the visuals and save one or two marriages at high cost and an extreme level of complexity. Most females (in my experience) seem to want the lid down after the deed is done, and most males seem not to care. Therefore, the Toilet Lidder. Just like the automatic infrared-actuated water faucet and paper towel dispenser at the airport lavs, the Toilet Lidder automatically raises the lid when approached, and automatically lowers the lid as the user moves away. The location of the IR sensor would be built into the front of the toilet just below the top of the bowl, and the lid open/close device would be built into the pivot point of the lid and driven by a small, quiet electric motor. The higher end version could include a programmable audio chip on to which ring tones, personalized voice messages or affirmations, or MP3 clips could be recorded.
Falko, Jul 20 2005

home: toilet: seat: up or down http://www.halfbake...3a_20Up_20or_20Down
Redundant with most of the ideas in this category. [waugsqueke, Jul 21 2005]


       We have an entire category for this one (link). All variations on the same theme. Zzzz.
waugsqueke, Jul 21 2005

       Fishy. I don't like motion sensors or IR scanners when used for things such as flushing the toilet, because in, if only, my experience, they tend not to respond fast enough or even do things when I don't see anyone around.
Tempest, Jul 21 2005

       /Most females (in my experience) seem to want the lid down after the deed is done, and most males seem not to care./ -   

       and so your device _raises_ the lid for everyone, thus pleasing no-one? Would women have to fight the IR sensor and wrestle it back down again? Would it try to raise while they were sitting on it? Would it physically HURL THEM SHRIEKING ACROSS THE ROOM??   

       By the way: Welcome to the HB, Falko. Keep trying.
bungston, Jul 22 2005


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