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Police Issued Foam Fingers

Use those things for something worthwhile
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The other day when I was driving home, I approached a construction area on the road. It was very sunny, but the cop was standing in the shade. I could barely see his little, grey-gloved hand moving. I definitely could not tell if he was waving me on, or telling me to stop. Here is where those giant, foam fingers would come it handy. A green one can signal, “go” and a red one can signal, “stop”. They could wear one on each hand.

These would also be useful for pointing the way for detours, a yellow one perhaps. The color codes can be posted so everyone would understand and see the big finger of the law.

xandram, Aug 31 2006

Traffic Batons http://www.lumastro...traffic-batons.html
[ldischler, Aug 31 2006]


       I'm for it, but during sports seasons you might get some confused fans.
normzone, Aug 31 2006

       We can also give them some of those huge tennis balls to throw at offending motorists.
phundug, Aug 31 2006

       [norm] Just wave them on through...
xandram, Aug 31 2006

       So, did you get a ticket?
DrCurry, Aug 31 2006

       No, I smiled and did the little wiggly finger wave...
xandram, Aug 31 2006

       [Idischler] After reading your link I was wondering how effective the foam fingers are for crowd control. Good for pointing out trouble makers, I suppose.
xandram, Aug 31 2006


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