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See Glass

Glass that changes color when broken
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Well the description speaks for itself really. Ya smash a glass, and the clean up process is missions, cant always see all the shards, kids might be running around etc....a serious harrazd! so how about compiling the internal section of the glass with a sealed-airtight chamber holding a solid-form-transparent chemical that automatically changes color or becomes opaque when exposed to the air (I'm sure theres some boffin scientist out there who can hook this up) So then it turns into a more visible color (shocking pink, electric blue or all frosted out) - you see all the pieces, clean em up - then you chill without the fear of someone getting hurt!
shinobi, Mar 02 2004


       You'd want to make sure that stuff doesn't stain the carpet. Make it glow in the dark, too.
Detly, Mar 02 2004

       Or rather than an internal section containing dye, you could have an internal section containing a thin plastic film, which could run through the glass and ensure that the glass does not shatter. You could call this "safety glass". I am sure it would be a "smash" hit.
kropotkin, Mar 02 2004

       good idea shinobi but glass that didn't break into sharp pieces would be better
engineer1, Mar 02 2004


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