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'Safety-zone' glass

While scolding my fingers it ocurred to to me
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I bought a nice set of handle-less coffee glasses from IKEA the other day (yes they do exists, but aren't named this). Thought I'd have change from the boring 'Mug'.

As it turns out, this 'change' requires me to burn my fingers on a daily basis at least once.

Well I propose making these glasses out of pirex, with a 'safety-zone'. This middle 1/3 of the glass is double glazed with small glass reinforcement pillars, nicely insulating your fingers from the scorching substance. Even taking into account that glass is a heat conductor, I'm certain that this safety zone would be a substantially cooler than the other 2/3 of the glass.

shinobi, Nov 27 2006


       Using a cozy or a grip would defeat the object of using such a glass. The reason someone would buy these sort of glasses is because they like the simple aesthetics. To add would be to detract.
jtp, Nov 27 2006

       I keep wondering why [shinobi] found it necessary to reprimand his fingers.
jurist, Nov 27 2006

       This is an aesthetic idea really. There are much simpler and more practical ways of avoiding scolding myselfy. I frequently use form over function, but in this case I believe it has both.
shinobi, Nov 28 2006


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