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Non-spill wine glass

No more red rings on the table cloth
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The base of the wine glass curves round on itself, catching any overspill. This would make it a little bit more difficult to wash, but easier than washing a tablecloth! It might come in especially useful for restaurants.
rikbie, Jul 11 2000


       This may prevent spillage caused by overfilling of the glass, but I find that most spills are caused by either knocking the glass over, or tipping it too much to one side. The base would have to be exceptionally wide and deep to cope with these hazards.   

       The best solution is to swig it straight from the bottle.
Lemon, Jul 11 2000

       It's much more common to get rings on the table from wine bottles than wine glasses - applying this idea to wine bottles would make sense. Or just wrap a napkin around the bottle when pouring, like wine waiters do.
hippo, Jul 11 2000

       Maybe you need a "Sippie Wine Glass" -
Oh NOOO000ooo...
thumbwax, Mar 31 2002

       How come this got boned? It's practical, no harder to manufacture than normal wineglasses and will save a few tablecloths. Have a bun.   

       PS Ribena have already gone down this road with their non-drip cap.
wagster, May 14 2005

       Well, I could definitely spill wine with this. In fact this device just begs to be spiled.   

       My favorite invention exists at my parents house. It's a fancy wine glass, made out of plastic. I've had so much fun pretending to drop glasses when in fact they are plastices.
SpocksEyebrow, May 15 2005

       Spilled only a couple, broke a couple as well. How about a wide base and bulletproof glass ?
normzone, May 15 2005


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