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Spice dispenser

Spice your microwave dinner to the exact second
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A cavity in the top (ceiling?) of the microwave is filled with condiments of your choice, to be time released during the cooking process. Possibly several compartments for adding spices in stages.
4and20, Aug 12 2012

Spicy urban legends http://www.flickr.c...univers/2851510210/
worse than killer bees on course from Africa [4and20, Aug 14 2012]


       I like this. If I could press a "salt" button, press a "fresh ground pepper" button, it would be very cool. Can we do it?
blissmiss, Aug 12 2012

       Most microwaves have a mesh screen on the glass door, which reflects the microwaves. If you made an open mesh screen on the top, you might be able to sprinkle spices right though it.   

       It depends on where the mechanism of the oven is, of course.   

       You could stick a plastic container to the inside top of the microwave, I suppose.
baconbrain, Aug 12 2012

       Works best with a caroussel-type microwave oven so that the spices are evenly distributed around the dish. Not so good for reheated meals which are covered or steamed in their packaging during the cooking process.
jurist, Aug 12 2012

       //Spice dispenser// According to the current broadcast of the Olympics closing ceremony, it's a London taxi.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 12 2012

       "Tell ya what I want, what I really, really want..."
UnaBubba, Aug 13 2012

       I like my coffee like I like my spice girls... roasted, finely ground and stored in an airtight canister in the fridge.
UnaBubba, Aug 13 2012

       By this time next year David and Victoria Beckham will probably have filed for formal separation and divorce. Then we can re-discuss your "Spice" dispenser, poshly.
jurist, Aug 13 2012

       I'm kinda sad the Spice Girls didn't choose "spicier" names.   

       The redhaired one was obviously Ginger.
The hot one could have been Chilli.
The less hot one... Pepper.
The brownish one... Cinnamon.
The slutty one... Cumin'>

       That would have been far more interesting than what they did.
UnaBubba, Aug 13 2012


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