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Stirring Microwave

Self-stirring appliance
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In a lot of microwave cooking, you have to remove the food from the microwave, stir, and replace. It would cut down on time and labour if there was a stirring utensil already in place. A durable plastic spoon (of course not metal) suspended from the ceiling would be ideal, and it could be adjusted for length depending on the dish itself.
meow, Jul 16 2000


       Explain yourself indeed!   

       There is a germ of an idea here, I am sure. But 'suspended from the ceiling' leaves one pondering how that is a finer idea than 'left on the bench'.   

       Or do you mean the ceiling of the microwave?   

       If so, then I am very pleased to learn that microwaves have 'ceilings', and not just 'roofs'.
eehen, Jul 16 2000

       Microwaves can actually contain metal; I've seen microwaves with metal racks in them. You just have to do it right.   

       But I'd suggest using a magnetic stirrer, like they use in chemistry labs. It would be a separate piece that you drop into food if it needs stirring. Electromagnets beneath the floor spin it around (if it's in there).
egnor, Jul 16 2000

       Yes, I mean the top, inside surface of the microwave.
meow, Jul 16 2000

       This is an excellent idea. And if automatic stirring proves too difficult, you can do it manually... simply put an opening in the side of the microwave that opens into a microwave-proof glove inside the microwave (sort of like those containment boxes you see inthe movies when the scientist is working with the deadly virus that will soon be unleashed on an unsuspecting public)... you could then insert your hand into this glove and stir your food while it was cooking.
PotatoStew, Sep 29 2000

       And once you've swallowed enough, you can use them to generate electricity out of your belly button socket by moving through magnetic fields.
jutta, Sep 29 2000

       Just place a small animal (mouse, marmoset, miniature poodle, etc) in your food and presto-- automatic stirring of your food. Works great as the higher the power level, the more agitation provided by your stirring pet. If burnt animal flesh isn't palateable to your taste, place animal in zip-lok bag (with flavor-seal TM). Perhaps a small microwave proof outfit could be custom tailored for your pet for improved reuse.
sh4linux, Dec 21 2000

       I'm being told a magnetic spatula-type stirrer that attaches to the roof of the microwave was once actually sold through the UK's "Kleeneze" company, but has vanished from their catalogues. [Thanks, Rosemary.]
jutta, Mar 28 2001


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